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Worth the wait

From a Prairie Village Mid-Century Modern with no backyard to a bright and cozy Overland Park side/side split with a gazebo.

In Real Estate, relationships are key. That is why our team works so hard to take care of our network with giveaways and client events. It's our way of showing you we care :) Sometimes the relationship goes WAY back and hops up in unexpected ways. That's exactly how this happened.

Tyler used to be an agent in our brokerage and eventually he made his way out of the industry. Personally knowing so many people who could help him how was he to choose who to work with when he had his own real estate needs?

"I always admired the Taylor-Made Team for their professionalism, market knowledge, and the team they had created. It was a no-brainer for me to call the Taylor-Made Team for help," he said.

Selling their Prairie Village home a year ago was a piece of cake. It was a perfectly-styled mid-century modern in a highly desirable location.

Uneasy in the state of the buyer's market at that time, they chose to rent for a year.

It was fiiiiiiiine but they quicly missed the highs and lows of homeownership as with earning their own equity instead of supporting that of someone else.

So, with a lease expiring in June, and knowing how competitive the market is especially in their price range, they knew they had to start looking now. In addition to that they also wanted to make sure they had time to complete a few projects before moving in.

They reach out to Leah and said, "LET'S DO THIS."

Their consult clarified a garage and second living space were high on their "must-have" list. It took viewing 4 or 5 houses with Jesa and Leah to find the one they ultimately fell in love with. They are most looking forward to spending time in the den, as they love the wooden beams across the ceiling and the view of the backyard.

With an impeccable sense of design, we can't wait to see how they make this Overland Park side-by-side split their HOME!

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