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A timely timed closing date

It doesn't always work out this way, but this family was able to close on their old house and new house on the SAME DAY.

The story goes back about 7 years. Good friends of this family had worked with Leah to buy their first home in Lenexa. They had such a pleasant experience that when it was time for them to make their purchase, they contacted the Taylor-Made Team.

They found a perfect home!

...until their family grew. While they loved their house it was starting to feel crowded. It wasn't easy for them to spend time together as a family anymore, which was important.

So, the conversation was started again with the Taylor-Made team! This time for the buying AND selling process.

With the market as it is and interest rates rising daily, they knew they were going to have to adjust their expectations of what they were looking for. Most important for them was the location, so they put that above the rest.

But before they could get started, they reached out to one of our preferred lenders: Dave Brown. This way they were ready to go when the right house came along.

They listed their first home and it went under contract the first weekend. That started the search!

The location and family space being the most important, they also wanted an open first floor, bigger primary bedroom/bathroom/closet, big garage, and a big yard. This house they found had all of that except the big yard, which they decided was ok, so it was time to make an offer.


They are so excited to have more space for their family in their new home, while lovingly passing on the old one to a new family.

The best news? They're walking distance to the family that connected them with the Taylor-Made Team the first time around!

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