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Relocation from California to Kansas City

A home-buying story following hearts.

Fun fact: Porsche Brown isn't from the Kansas City area.

When building up your business through referrals, this can be exceptionally hard.

Yet she keeps getting out there and using her kind, caring soul to attract the perfect people for her to help in their home buying and selling process!

One such relationship she built is with Trudy.

They met in 2020 and instantly clicked. Their friendship started to grow and Trudy mentioned her boyfriend, Robert, was going to be relocating to Kansas City from California.

Because he was not here, Trudy and Porsche did a lot of FaceTime calls together looking for different properties.

Throughout the home search process (which can be very stressful), Porsche announced her pregnancy. This process has led them to feel more like family than a client relationship - which is always our favorite story to share.

Robert is a Veteran, which would have given him the option to use a VA loan to purchase this property, but he ultimately chose to go conventional (it's less risky in this market).

So, now he's here and they have closed on the townhome and he's SUPER excited about the cold and snow in Kansas City (kidding), but also super grateful for a sneak peek of our pretty spring for closing week :)

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