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Chad Taylor - Taylor Made Team
Chad Taylor
Listing Specialist

With a background in the service industry (Houston’s Restaurant on the Plaza), Chad’s real estate career began in October 2004 when the real estate market was a hot seller’s market. Chad has been heard to say that “he thought real estate was his calling because he could put a sign in the yard and it would sell the same day.” This was the case until three short years later when the recession hit the Kansas City housing market.  “I quickly learned that either I needed to get really good at what I do or get out of the business altogether,” Chad said.  Chad quickly became a student of the market and made it his goal to become the local real estate economist of choice. 


“I am so thankful for the lessons that the recession taught me.  It taught me how to interpret the market, how to price a home in any market, and most importantly how to set expectations for our sellers to ensure that they have a great experience with our team during their home sale.” 


Chad’s favorite testimonial from a past client reads, “If you want a laid-back easy-going agent, Chad Taylor may not be the agent for you.”  He is a bottom-line, results focused person who is always focused on providing great service to our clients.  It seems that you can take the man out of the service industry, but you cannot take the service industry out of the man.


Chad is married to Leah Taylor, TMT’s lead buyer specialist and they have two awesome boys, Ben and Harry.  He grew up fishing with his dad, David Taylor, and now enjoys doing the same with Ben, Harry, and David.  Chad enjoys working out at 20/20 CrossFit in Prairie Village and has no other athletic ability except for random bar games like shuffleboard, darts, and the like.  Chad and Leah both love to cook and entertain for friends and family.  Lastly, Chad is a music nerd and loves nothing more than a great live show.

Leah Taylor - Taylor Made Real Estate
Leah Taylor
Buyer Specialist

Since becoming a real estate agent in 2008, Leah has helped hundreds of clients find their dream home with The Taylor-Made Team. She is passionate about ensuring clients find the “right” home for them, in  price, size, and location. Her genuine nature and sense of humor put clients at ease, as they know they have put their trust in the right person. Leah has vast experience throughout the KC metro area and has a heart for the “corridor neighborhoods”, such as Prairie Village and Brookside. She advocates tirelessly for her clients’ best interests and won’t stop negotiating until a winning solution has been found. Leah’s ability to communicate effectively on her clients’ behalf puts her on a level above other agents. Her commitment to her clients is the reason she counts so many repeat clients and past client referrals among her business.


Leah is married to The Taylor-Made Team’s Lead Listing Specialist, Chad Taylor. She and Chad have two active and hilarious school-aged sons. Leah is highly involved in the Prairie Elementary community, as well as 20/20 CrossFit. Leah enjoys cooking, fine wines, and traveling any chance she gets. 

Porsche Brown
Sales Associate

Porsche’s upbeat and playful personality shows that she is a West Coast native.  Having lived in California in the Bay Area and Las Vegas, Nevada, she knows how to have fun with whatever she is doing!  Porsche has a love for traveling and exploring, which is one reason that brought her to the Midwest.  And coincidentally enough, to the world of Real Estate! Having graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Porsche’s experiences with marketing, communications and education only increases her strength when it comes to understanding her clients and working well with co-op Agents.  Ensuring that this process is as smooth as possible for her clients is something that just comes as second nature to Porsche.  With just over 15+ years of sales and face to face client care experience under her belt, Porsche is passionate about cultivating connections with people!  This serves her in so many ways in the Real Estate world.  Porsche quickly becomes a valuable resource about the current market and where it’s trending, the fine details at inspections, and keeping things as low stress as possible during negotiations.   Porsche believes what better way to serve others than helping them helping them sell or buy their home? Porsche’s lighthearted demeanor puts her clients at ease, combined with her attention to detail reassures her clients that she is putting them first and has their best intentions at heart.  Porsche prides herself on her personal career goal of creating an experience that is worth recommending her to your friends, family, and everyone you know!


When Porsche is not helping her clients sell and buy real estate, you can find Porsche either enjoying a quiet night at home cooking a delicious meal, meeting with a friend to see how their day has gone, or at her new favorite Yoga studio in Overland Park.  Porsche has a sweet Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix named Leila that loves their hikes, visits to the dog park, as well as any food crumbs she can find while Porsche cooks.

Beth Ott
Sales Associate

Beth’s background in architecture, construction, and marketing makes her a wealth of information for her clients in these areas.  These life-long skills now serve as the springboard for her real estate career and have helped her quickly grow her business!  Hence how Beth has sold more houses early in her career than most agents do in the middle of theirs.  From Liberty to Westwood, Lenexa to Lee’s Summit, Beth can assist both buyers and sellers anywhere in the KC Metro area.  She has a soft spot for Historic homes in the Urban Core and Brookside, which is where her and her husband own their home.  Beth is a previous urban dweller of City Market, Crossroads Arts District and Midtown, therefore she offers a wealth of knowledge in residential real estate in every type of home from condos to single family houses.  Beth loves to work with first time home buyers and help them through every step of the home buying process.  Inspections on an older home don’t scare her!   She knows what a major issue is and what is a common “old house” characteristic.  She has the ability to guide her clients through a renovation that will modernize the home while keeping its original charm and unique characteristics intact. Beth is extremely detail-oriented which puts her sellers at ease throughout the listing process when you can feel like you have a million things to juggle.


Beth grew up on a farm in Brazito, MO, just outside of Jeff City, so she knows the right things to look for when purchasing raw land and/or farm areas!  She is the oldest of three kids and having two younger brothers taught her the fine art of multi-tasking!  Beth went to college at UCM in Warrensburg, MO and graduated with a Bachelors in Mass-Communications.  After college, she moved to KC and met her husband Matt 5 years ago at a “Matt & Kim” concert. 


Being a connector at heart, you can often find Beth at local networking events. She belongs to Underground Social KC and is a co-founder of SocialHeart.   She also loves having coffee with her friends, someone within her community, and hosting dinners with her husband at their house.  One of Beth’s greatest passions is her many globe-trotting adventures! She has traveled as far as Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, and Amsterdam, yet at the end of the trip she loves coming home to Kansas City!  She spends her free time with her husband (Matt), bonus kids Claire and Sophie, dog Churro, cat Snipes, and friends that she treats like family.  Beth is truly goofy at times, and we love that she doesn’t take herself so seriously!  Her sarcastic sense of humor and hilarious stories only add to her already super-fun personality!


Just remember you #OttToBeClosing with Beth Ott!

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Jesa Sokol
Showing Partner

Jesa took a leap of faith and pursued her passion for real estate after spending years in the Healthcare IT industry. Growing up in Kansas City, she took interest in learning about KC’s rich history and unique character. From exploring historical buildings, to admiring the creativity in new construction, Jesa is thrilled to be involved in the city's rapidly changing skyline.

As a real estate agent, she continues to explore what makes our community special and has found an even deeper passion for the people in it. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Park University, Jesa has been able to pursue a career where she can put her passion for people and the connections she makes with them to good use. Her processes of learning about each home, and its individual story enhances her genuine desire to help others find not just their place in our community but have a chance of building their own story within it. As a showing partner, Jesa uses her skills of connecting with people and what is most important to them to narrow down client's wants/needs to find the home of their dreams and get them to the finish line!

When she is not spending her afternoons meeting and connecting with clients, Jesa enjoys spending time with her family and friends and cat, Ezio. Downtown KC is her favorite place in the city to explore. Her partner also recently purchased a new home in Mission and has been busy assembling Swedish furniture.  

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Cate DePrisco
Marketing Specialist and Buyer Guide

We fell in love with Cate’s happy, optimistic, and whimsical energy the moment we met her. She joined us after passing the torch on from a very successful business you may have seen at events around the Kansas City area: The Photo Bus.

In college her ideal career shifted from a photojournalist to teacher and she eventually majored in French. Itching to see the world and improve her knowledge of the French language, she joined the Peace Corps and for 2 years taught English to Romanian speaking students in Moldova (so much for that French degree, but Romanian is a fun party piece!). Upon returning home found an internship at a digital marketing agency at which time she came across a VW bus that had been turned into a photobooth. The internship ended and she joined the business as a co-owner. For 8 years she worked with her partner to grow and expand it into 13 cities nationwide.

Always curious about the industry but not interested in the sales side of things, she wasn’t sure how she’d get her foot in the door. A call of “fate” one day from Beth brought her to us and we were thrilled for someone outside of the industry to join us with a new and fresh perspective.

Cate keeps our marketing material fresh, our email campaigns flowing, and our minds blown as she geeks out over analytics.

When she’s not working you can find her playing with her two little ones at home, attending hot yoga classes at PowerLife, propagating and bringing new life to her plants at home, or quietly curled up in a corner reading a good book (usually about personal and business growth).

David Taylor - Taylor Made Real Estate
David Taylor

After owning and running a successful insurance business for many years in Little Rock, Arkansas, David (DT) moved to Prairie Village, KS in 2008 to be closer to his kids.  David and his wife, Freda Taylor, had been burning up the highway between Little Rock and Kansas City for years and it was time for them to be closer to their two sons, Chad and Jason.


Chad remembers that, “my dad’s clients always loved his patient nature and his attention to detail.” “People just loved him, and they still do.”  To this day, the team jokes that David is by far the “favorite Taylor.”  Chad reluctantly agrees to the statement.


David performs the very important role of Runner for the Taylor-Made Team.  He can be spotted putting real estate signs in the yards of our selling clients, dropping off earnest money deposits, or helping the team prepare for our weekend open houses.  That being said, he has also been known to repair door locks, to help a homeowner put their stove back together after cleaning it for an upcoming sale, and to just be a friendly voice reassuring a client that they are in good hands.  The team loves him the most because he is often dropping off cookies or other baked goods, we assume to stay in their good graces.  At the end of the day, David takes on a lot to keep the team focused on their most important task, finding more families to serve and providing great service to the families that we have already met.


David is most at peace in the outdoors.  He is a proficient skeet shooter.  He even earned the title of Mini-World 20 gauge skeet champion at one point.  So don’t mess with DT!  David is often spotted fishing with his grandsons, many times without a fishing pole in his hand but instead making sure that the boys are having a great time. 

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Kate Luty
Showing Partner

As a small-town Kansas native who fell in love with Kansas City many years ago, Kate brought along her value for lifelong relationships and strives to think of her clients like family. Kate is known for her work ethic, tenacious spirit, and outgoing personality. She will work fearlessly and endlessly for you. But at the end of the day, she will want to walk away with a friendship.

When Kate was freshly 18, she leapt into adulthood when she decided to move across the world alone. She spent her time working on the beach in Sydney, Australia, proving her ability to work seamlessly with people from all walks of life. Kate has a unique resume filled with adventure. With traveling the coast of Australia or guiding guests through the trees and down zip lines or serving at 5-star restaurants, it is safe to say she is never afraid of a challenge! She is excited to use her worldly knowledge to advocate for homeownership in the ever-expanding Kansas City. 

Being a social butterfly at heart, you will find Kate spending her free time hosting game nights, exploring wineries, playing volleyball, or attending yoga classes.

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