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Patient and Determined

What a journey this has been for this lil' family!

We sold their previous home last early spring when we were unsure of what the future would hold in this crazy market. Multiple showings, multiple offers... while it was great for them as the seller, they just weren't ready to be a buyer in the same market.

They made the decision to rent, which also hasn't been easy with two little kiddos running around.

As their lease was nearing an end they knew it was time to start looking for their forever house.

The housing market in Kansas hasn't slowed down and, with Beth's guidance, they stayed patient and determined even as they lost out on a few offers.

Then this houses popped up. The price, the size, the location... it had everything they wanted! Beth helped them put in a fantastic offer and then... yet again they were told it was time to keep looking.

Here's the thing, though. Beth is VERY good at what she does and she knew how much this young family wanted this house. She reached out to the seller's agent and and, low-and-behold, two weeks later she received a call.

The original buyers' financing fell through and Beth's buyers were the backup offer!

Some things are just meant to be and now they have their forever home and they are SO EXCITED to get all settled in!

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