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Preferred Home Loan Lenders

With a seller's market, you've got to do everything you can do make your offer on your dream house be as risk-free as possible. 

One of the best ways to do that is by getting pre-approved. 

This means a lender has already received all of the necessary paperwork and asked the questions that determine how much money they are willing to lend you. 

While it's possible to go to a bank or use one of those services online, we suggest you work with a private mortgage lender instead. 


It's faster, you'll get better rates, you'll have more options, and you'll receive personalized attention.


Below are the lenders our clients have used time-after-time, always reporting back with glowing reviews.

Mike Kelly

Why we love Mike: He has never handed us a problem, he always handles his side of this process 125%

mike kelly headshot.png

Dave Brown

Why we love Dave: Dave is knowledgeable, always available to answer questions and problem solve, and has an apt for showing he genuinely cares about his clients and their success!

Tarah Wilson

Why we love Tarah: Tarah is no bs, real, answers all of our questions, knowledgeable, real, and can close FAST.

tarah wilson headshot.png

Matt Cochran

Why we love Matt: Matt is super quick to respond, knowledgeable, real, and can close FAST!

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