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You must be crazy – selling your home during a pandemic?

I don’t mean to make light of our country’s current health crisis at all. This is an actual question that is being asked of our clients on a regular basis over the last few months so I thought we should just clear the air. “No they are not crazy!” There- question answered.

If I told you that although we are in the middle of a pandemic, a recession, and what could be the craziest election year ever that the real estate market is hot, would you believe me? Well its the truth. Yes-how we do business has changed completely, as you can see on our Covid-19 Protection Plan page on our website, but real estate sales are still happening. And in many hot areas of town, median home prices are up significantly when you compare it to 2019.

Don’t take my word for it though. Please watch the video interview below of some recent clients of ours who sold and purchased a new home less than a month ago.

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