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Realtor – commodity versus consultant

Our business has been built upon great relationships with our clients. And not just when they need to buy or sell, but all the time. We see ourselves as not only their friends, but as the consultants for their real estate portfolio. Even if their portfolio consists of simply their primary residence.

I have always said that any industry that is easy to enter (like real estate), typically has a low bar when it comes the level of service provided. It is up to each individual Realtor to set their own standard of service and to choose to provide a great client experience along the way. To me, this choice will determine whether a Realtor is seen as a commodity or as a valued consultant.

Here is the difference, as I see it, between and Realtor (commodity) and a Real Estate Consultant:


  • Waits for you to call them

  • Is surprised by market trends

  • Is available 24/7

  • Sets you up on an auto search on MLS and lets you do the work of narrowing down

  • Is not a resource for you outside of the sale

  • Will tell you what you want to hear

  • If prompted, will give you an idea of your home’s value

  • Is a sales person

Real Estate Consultant

  • Calls before you need them

  • Is aware of a shifting market and keeps you aware

  • Respects a work/life balance and is in high demand

  • Pre-screens all searches based on your criteria to ensure that you receive only the best properties

  • Is always a resource to you for any referrals that you need

  • Will tell you what you NEED to hear

  • Like your financial advisor informs you of your investments, will keep you informed of your home’s value

  • Is truly a consultant with your best interest in mind

Although the National Association of Realtors has a Code of Ethics and a minimum expectation when it comes to service, they are exactly that — the minimum. We are trusted daily to orchestrate one of the biggest life events for most people, the sale and/or purchase of a home. It is a huge responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. Thus we are charged to be more than just a facilitator. We are charged to be a consultant when you really need one, and even when you think that you don’t.

As our market continues to shift, as it always will, I hope and trust that you have a real estate consultant to keep you informed of and ahead of the trends. And to be a resource for you for all things pertaining to home ownership. An advocate, if you will.

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