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Going Above and Beyond: How Mike Kelly at Fairway Mortgage Made a Quick Closing Happen

As Realtors, we know part of our jobs is to work evenings and weekends, and times when clients don’t have to be at their job. One of the few post-Covid improved life changes to stay around is more people have flexible schedules, moveable lunch hours, etc. So yes, we do get out and show clients homes during the day, yet evenings and weekends are still in high demand. While we know this is part of our world, it sometimes can collide with personal lives, sporting events, parties, dinners, etc. However this is the industry that we love, and we’re willing to make the adjustments. With all this being said, our team tries extremely hard to respect other professionals in the business time on the weekends and evenings, and always take a proactive approach versus a reactive approach to client pre-approvals. But the real estate world is very busy on the weekends and many contracts are put together Fri-Sun. Then follows inspections, getting clients through underwriting, ordering appraisals, the list can go on. When push comes to shove and I have to make a phone call to make something happen fast in the lending world, we are in relationship with some of the best lenders in the business, and they always graciously answer our calls and texts when we reach out.

Mike Kelly at Fairway Mortgage did this recently for me and made a quick closing happen when I knew the other lender in this situation would not be able to make closing happen on time. This was a cross-state move from OK to MO and these clients were here in KC to find a home. Once their fantastic NKC home was found, we had to make a 3 and ½ week closing work in order to beat out the 6 other offers that were trying to win this house as well. My clients were pre-approved with their current mortgage holder and I knew from past experience that getting this company to close in 3 and ½ weeks would be a small miracle in itself. We just won a 7 way-multiple offer situation, we weren’t risking asking for too many miracles in one weekend. I knew exactly who to call that could get this loan closed in 3 and ½ weeks with no issues and who was also the best personality fit for these clients – so the text went out to Mike Kelly. He pinged me right back that he would be happy to chat with these clients and show them what he could provide for their current situation. Fast forward to 3 and ½ weeks later, we closed ON TIME with no hiccups, and Mike even got the buyers into a better loan situation than the first company was offering them.

Thank you to Mike Kelly, our longest standing lending partner for getting the job done, on time, and with no issues! Just like he always does.

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