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Getting Creative in a Crazy Market

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Having a Realtor who is knowledgeable, dedicated, full-time, and (who would have guessed) CREATIVE is key in this market. If you're wondering how our clients are winning while you hear all the "scary" stories out there from others, these are four determining factors that are getting our clients to the finish line.

Knowledge is important for obvious reasons, but we aren't just talking about how to write a contract. Knowledge of the ever-shifting market, of the areas you are interested in and how to look at those comps, which lenders are the best to work with, which loan programs that can be used for certain homes, what are the actual red flags in a home inspection, and the many different terms to the contract that all agents might not realize are needed to get you to the closing table. We often say that the general public is always a few months behind of what the market is actually doing because things are constantly changing. A very important reason to work with a knowledgeable Realtor, but also a huge reminder that our advice is what we are seeing that week, not necessarily a few months ago, which is what matters when putting in an offer.

Dedication is key as sometimes it may take a few offers to finally get accepted. That may sound daunting, but the reality is everyone is in the same boat. You are not alone! It takes a lot of patience from buyers and buyer's agents to work together towards a common goal. And the end result can be oh so worth it. That is why we sit down with each of our buyers to do a consultation to go over everything from the buying process to the market, from the creative ways we are winning to what to expect from multiple offer situations. We will not let you go blindly into this market without our advice first.

Working with a full-time Realtor is crucial in a very busy seller's market. When a home goes live, we always recommend the buyer view the home the same day, the next day at the very latest, as most homes are going under contract by the second or third day. We are not only all full-time, but we also have a showing partner that is very involved in all our buyer's transactions. We make ourselves available to align with our client's schedules so when new houses hit the market we attempt to see it ASAP. We also love to live our lives outside real estate, which is why our team agents and showing partner work together to support our clients when they need us most.

Creativity in this market is definitely a trait we see that has become a must. Not every buyer can purchase their home before selling their current home. How do you navigate contingencies on top of other contingencies? Well, that can look very different in every scenario due to multiple offers, loan programs, inspections, the list goes on. Each home we sell, we learn something new. We take those lessons learned and not only hold on to them and grow from them, we also share them with our teammates.

As advocates for home ownership, we say all of this because we care and we would love to help you when you're ready to buy your first or next home.

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