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3 Ways to Win in a Seller's Market

You want to sell your house to take advantage of the seller's market, but you're unsure of where you'll go.

The rumor is true.

Some homes are going for 10% or more over listing price with multiple offers.

For the average sale price of $300k, that means an extra $30,000.

Like you, many homeowners want to take advantage of the market to get more money than they ever expected for their home, but they’re afraid they’re going to be left homeless.

Or they’re afraid they’re doing to have to agree to absurd terms (like waiving the right to inspections and appraisals!) just to not miss out on a less-than-perfect-for-them house.

You’re not alone but if I’m going to be candid: we need you to consider listing your home.

There’s good news: as the seller, you have options to minimize the pressure and give you more time.

1. Extended closing

The standard closing period is 30 days. In “normal” times that was more than enough time to sell your home and find another one. Today that’s not the case.

You can set the closing to be as long as you want (within reason). For some of our sellers we have put 90 days with the option to close sooner. Others are 60 days.

2. Lease Back

Did you know you can lease back your home from the new owner once you close on it? It’s true! Basically what you’re doing is paying rent to stay in your home a little longer. There are buyers who appreciate this because it gives them a little longer to sell their home as well.

3. Temporary Housing

While not an ideal scenario for those who like knowing they own their home, keep reminding yourself this is temporary. Some apartments in the metro offer month-to-month contracts which would give you time to find the right home for you without the pressure of a long lease.

There’s more good news!

If you can close on your current home before making an offer on another one it’s likely you won’t have to make a contingent offer. (Meaning, you won’t have to say, “I can only buy your home if my current house sells.”). Instead, you’ll have the cash in hand for the down payment and the flexibility to find another home if your offer isn’t accepted.

Curious about working with a real estate agent who has your best interest in mind? The Taylor-Made Team can help in the KC Metro or we can help you find an agent wherever you are.

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