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In uncertain times, our goal is to provide you with the best information possible (in real-time) to enable you to make the best decisions when it comes to your real estate plans and decisions. If you have questions are that not listed below, please reach out to us!

Many Sellers need to sell their home right now BUT don’t want to risk exposing themselves or their family to COVID-19. The Taylor-Made Team COVID-19 Protection Plan is in place to solve this dilemma. We can sell homes 100% virtually, without any need for a buyer to enter the home. We have been taking extra steps to better serve our clients such as a pre-inspection, floorplan, and 3D Matterport tour, for years now. Which means we have had efficient systems in place far before this outbreak.  Selling with The Taylor-Made Team during this time can be easy and safe.

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Can I still buy a house during COVID-19 quarantine?

Yes, real estate is deemed essential during the stay at home order. We also have safe practices in place to protect the health of our clients. (see COVID-19 protocol)

Will rates skyrocket if I wait?

No one knows the answer to this question, however, we do know that interest rates are very low at this time and that history shows us that will not last forever. Interest rates, like home values, have their ups and downs.

Will I be able to see a house before I write an offer on it?

Yes is the short answer. We can still do in-person showings at this time. Our sales associates are equipped with gloves, shoe covers, and masks for themselves and their clients for in-person showings. We do ask that our clients drive by prospective homes first and view the virtual tour (if available) prior to seeing a home in-person. The screening process makes sure that if we are getting out to see a home, it is worth the risk of exposure.

What does the virtual buying process look like?

We do have a virtual buying process at this time. See our COVID-19 protocol.

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Can I still sell my house during COVID-19 quarantine?

Yes, real estate is deemed essential during the stay at home order. We also have safe practices in place to protect the health of our clients. (see COVID-19 protocol)

Should I still sell my house?

If you need to sell your home or have a strong desire to sell your home, then yes is the simple answer. Every situation is different, so this really warrants a conversation with our team to help us understand your motivation. We will say that this is not a “tryers” market meaning that you might “try” to sell your home but if it doesn’t sell, then no big deal. This market is for the motivated seller.

What does the virtual selling process look like?

We do have a virtual selling process at this time. See our COVID-19 selling plan.

Will buyers insist on seeing my home in-person before writing an offer?

Perhaps. That being said, our team does everything in our power to pre-qualify any potential buyer for your home before an in-person showing is discussed with the seller. We offer a 3D Matterport tour on all of our listings which is the next best thing to touring the home in person. We also offer a floor plan drawing to convey room sizes and the floor plan clearly. In most cases, our sellers pre-inspect their homes so a buyer has the confidence that they are going into their home purchase “eyes wide open” and with full disclosure. Lastly, we require that all potential buyers drive by your home as well to make sure that they like the location and commute as well. After all of the aforementioned information has been reviewed, and the buyer has driven by and taken the Matterport tour, only then will an in-person showing be approved by the homeowner.

Are prices dropping during this time?

If a home is priced right and in good condition, it will still sell in today’s market. In some cases, homes are still receiving multiple offers depending on the price range and location. In most areas home prices are holding. That being said, due to the increase in the unemployed, it is inevitable that fewer buyers will be able to purchase a home. In addition, some homeowners may be forced to sell their home due to financial hardship. In both situations, housing inventory will rise as demand for housing declines. Once this occurs, home prices will drop.

What do I need to do to prepare my home for the market during this time?

The most important first step is to hire a Realtor who is “Virtual Ready” in all aspects of their business. Business as usual is not only unacceptable at this time, it can put your family’s health at risk. In addition, the market is changing daily so your Realtor must be highly skilled at interpreting market trends and developing a sound pricing strategy.

What does a Matterport 3D Tour look like? Click HERE
What does a Floorplan look like? Click HERE


Should I refinance during this time?

A rule of thumb is that if you are planning to stay in your home for 5+ years, then yes the costs of a refinance are warranted. If you do not have a trusted lender at this time, we would be happy to have one of our lending partners reach out to you.

What if I can’t pay my mortgage, should I consider doing a forbearance of my mortgage?

If you have found yourself in the situation, please call us. We will keep the conversation confidential and will do our best to discuss the risks and benefits with you.