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In uncertain times, our goal is to provide you with the best information possible (in real-time) to enable you to make the best decisions when it comes to your real estate plans and decisions. If you have questions are that not listed below, please reach out to us!

Many Sellers need to sell their home right now BUT don’t want to risk exposing themselves or their family to COVID-19. The Taylor-Made Team COVID-19 Protection Plan is in place to solve this dilemma. We can sell homes 100% virtually, without any need for a buyer to enter the home. We have been taking extra steps to better serve our clients such as a pre-inspection, floorplan, and 3D Matterport tour, for years now. Which means we have had efficient systems in place far before this outbreak.  Selling with The Taylor-Made Team during this time can be easy and safe.

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Selling Virtual.png
What does a Matterport 3D Tour look like? Click HERE
What does a Floorplan look like? Click HERE
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