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You will likely sell your house on your own. 

But the question is, do you just want to get it sold, or do you want to make the most money?

If you are wanting to make the most money, a Realtor IS the right answer for you. 

Let us explain through our 14 day marketing blitz we designed just for you.


Here’s how we do it:


Leverage Multiple Offers

The gift from this market to a seller is multiple offers.  Low housing supply + our 14 day blitz program = not only the best price but the best terms possible to meet your goals/timeline and eliminate the risk of a contract falling apart.  Our average seller in the last 12 months sold for 5 percent over the list price and for as much as 12 percent over list price.  As you can see, our proven plan more than covers all commissions paid to a listing agent. 


We’ll post to MLS (where Realtors go to search for houses), send direct mailers to the nearest 100 neighbors, post 3x to social media (with an average reach of 2500 people), and host an open house all within the first week. 


We’ll put a Bluetooth i-box on your front door that will securely hold a key. Only licensed Realtors can access the key with a one-time code which allows us to know exactly who is in your house and at what time, keeping you and your belongings safe and secure.

Data driven pricing

We will not only use the Multiple Listing Service date to price your home, we will use our team’s knowledge of the market after being in homes every day to ensure that your home is priced to deliver the best ultimate sales price.  This is even more important in today’s market because time is your enemy in a market where everyone assumes every home will sell in a few days if not in a few hours.


We’ll bring in a professional stager to help make your home show-ready.   We will then provide an architectural photographer as well as 3D virtual tour company to properly showcase your home online. 


We’ll schedule showings, answer all phone calls, review all offers, and negotiate for you, saving you time and energy.

Intrigued? Let's talk some more. 

Thank you! Someone will be in touch within 24 hours!

What Our Clients Say

Shelby Cato.jpg

Shelby Scardino

I was lucky enough to use the Taylor Made team to both sell my current house, and help me find the perfect new home. They were fantastic every step of the way; always in communication with me regarding offers, inspections, and negotiations. They are helpful, professional, and in my opinion, the best in KC. 

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